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CEO YOURSELF with Hermione Olivia

CEO YOURSELF | An Introduction with host, Hermione Olivia

Season 1, Ep. 14

On this week's episode of CEO YOURSELF, we share our first solo episode with our host, Hermione Olivia. We deep dive the questions she is most asked by our community, from 'Why CEO YOURSELF' to 'What is CEO YOURSELF?'

We define the CEO YOURSELF philosophy is for the first time, unveil it in 3 parts: 

1. What is your CEO superpower? 

2. Routine | developing your CEO routine for success 

3. CEO YOURSELF | the program

We hope you love this episode, connecting the dots on how this passion project came to be, and what we have in store for you! You can find more about CEO YOURSELF online at and on instagram @whynotceoyourself & via Hermione's personal page @hermioneolivia where we don't just welcome, but we LOVE feedback!

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  • 18. MULTITASKING with Katie Harbison, Creative Director

    Katie Harbison is creative director of her eponymous design agency, Katie Harbison Design. She has a world class and much adored interior design style that is coveted around the globe. She has a much coveted aesthetic and is quickly scaling her incredibly beautiful agency with projects around the globe. In this week’s episode we debunk the myths around Multitasking. You can find Katie on instagram @katie_harbison and you can learn more about her work online at https://www.katieharbison.coCEO YOURSELF is a community designed to inspire and motivate. We deliver weekly podcasts on a Monday, interviewing incredible women, deep diving their CEO superpowers. You can follow us on instagram @whynotceoyourself and you can find resources, free wallpapers and our shop online at You can find our host Hermione on instagram & TikTok @hermioneoliviaOn this week’s episode, Hermione wears a Zara linen set, Miu Miu sandals & Lucy Delius jewellery.
  • 17. PROGRESSION with Liberty Mills, Fertility Coach

    Liberty Mills is a Fertility Coach who has overcome Lupus to find fitness, Dyslexia to write a book and an Infertility Diagnosis to give birth naturally at 44. She was told by a top Harley Street clinic that with a 0.7% chance of falling pregnant with IVF, they couldn’t ethically work with her. She went home, applied her nutrition knowledge, and fell pregnant naturally within 3 months. Liberty sets higher goals, doesn’t take no for an answer and applies positivity to pursue her goals. On today’s episode of CEO YOURSELF, we deep dive her CEO superpower, Progression. We discuss the foods on the fork, and the foods around you, that also impact your gut, from your family, to your friends and your work. You can find Liberty on Instagram @mills.liberty and online at can find more about CEO YOURSELF online at and on instagram @whynotceoyourself & via Hermione's personal page @hermioneolivia
  • 16. REINVENTION with Lucy Delius, Jeweller

    Lucy Delius has reinvented herself consistently throughout her career in the pursuit of career joy. Today, she is happier than ever working on her eponymous fine jewellery label, Lucy Delius. This is the episode for you if you’re uncertain about whether your calling is the path you’re walking, or if you want to change direction. Together, we deep dive the importance of leaning into the fear and doing it anyway, of shifting direction in order to find yourself and all whilst doing your best along the way. Every experience is supporting your journey to where you’re meant to go. You can follow Lucy Delius on instagram and find the brand online via
  • 15. BREATHING with Pei Chan, INMISPACE

    Pei Chan is a breathwork coach and expert, and the founder of INMI Space. She works in finance and empowering people with their breath is her ‘joy hustle’. In this week’s episode of CEO YOURSELF, we deep dive the importance of breathing intentionally, how to breathe through difficult circumstances and how to make a ‘joy hustle’ come to life. Pei offers some short breathing exercises throughout the episode, to allow you to fall present into the moment, and to prepare for a fearful situation. You can learn more about Pei’s breathwork services via instagram and online via You can access Pei’s free guided video Breathe with Me via YOURSELF is available on instagram @whynotceoyourself and online where you can access free wallpapers, meditation courses, inspirational resources and our Shop. Our host Hermione Olivia can be found on Instagram and TikTok @hermioneolivia
  • 14.2. ROUTINE | Episode #14 part II ~ Bonus episode with our host, Hermione Olivia

    Continuing on from our introduction to CEO YOURSELF in episode 14, we explore Routine. Specifically, we deep dive the importance of building a routine that is realistic and achievable for you, and unique to your lifestyle. We believe that in order to become the best version of yourself, you need to build a routine that supports your development, but that you must be kind to yourself and know that what works for someone else, might not work for you. This episode encourages you to build your own CEO lifestyle, adapting some of our suggest practices in your own way. CEO YOURSELF is a community designed to inspire and motivate you to become the CEO of your life. We offer weekly podcasts via Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube. We offer inspirational quotes, resources, meditation courses and free downloadable wallpapers via our website www.ceoyourself.comYou can follow us on instagram @whynotceoyourself and our host, Hermione on instagram and TikTok @hermioneolivia
  • 13. EMPATHY with Nell Diamond, CEO & Founder, Hill House

    Nell Diamond is the founder & CEO of Hill House, the US fashion and lifestyle brand that is home to the beloved Nap dress. In this episode, we explore her CEO superpower: Empathy. Nell started her career on Wall Street working in finance before discovering that she could marry her love of traditional trappings or ‘women’s work’ to build a fiscally successful and internationally adored business. As Nell says, “why can’t I care about my 401K and my monogram at the same time? Why can’t I really love pink and also get a promotion ahead of any other man”. In this inspiring conversation, we learn about how to build a company culture that results in staff retention and how to use empathy, and clear communication to create lasting and meaningful relationships with your suppliers to prepare for downturns. Nell is also a Mother to 3 young children including twins so we deep dive the realities of being a working Mother with 50 staff. Nell is the ultimate example of a woman who is practicing the CEO YOURSELF philosophy and it’s an honour to have her in our temporary studio in London, visiting from NYC. You can find Nell on instagram @nelliediamond and on TikTok @nelliednycHill House Home is available via and on IG @hillhouse
  • 12. NETWORKING with Abbie Roden Sandbach

    Abbie Roden Sandbach is the founder of Roden, Roden Talent and Amie Wine which includes the Amie Wine Studio and the newly franchised Amie Wine Studio, Seoul. In this episode, we deep dive her CEO superpower: Networking.This conversation is surprisingly emotional, raw and real, as Abbie opens up for the first time about IVF and Hermione discusses her turbulent birth experience. On the business front, Abbie has built incredible relationships and a community both in the US and UK, despite showing up in NYC and London with next to no contacts. She has built multiple, successful businesses from scratch. This is the episode for those looking to build something special from nothing special. Together, we explore the fine line between networking and social climbing, and the importance of being sincere, positive and thinking about how you can help rather than what you can take. Abbie is a hard worker and proudly discusses the work she has had to do to get ahead. This is the episode for those seeking advice on how to build a brand online and utilising social media from a content and social professional. You can find Abbie on instagram @abbieroden You can find Roden + Roden Talent on instagram @roden and online at www.roden.agencyTo experience Amie Wine, go to their website ( or follow them on instagram @drinkamie and experience the London Wine Studio @amiewinestudio13 Eccleston Yards, London, United Kingdom SW1W 9AZIf you suffer from anxiety, we recommend you seek consultation from a Medical Practitioner. The Meditation Apps Abbie mentions in the episode can be found here: Mindful IVF & Calm
  • 11. POSITIVITY with Michelle Griffith Robinson, Olympian and Life Coach

    Michelle Griffith Robinson is an Olympian, Life Coach, charity and brand Ambassador. In today’s episode of CEO YOURSELF, we deep dive her CEO superpower: Positivity. This is the episode to shift your mindset. This is the episode to improve your mood, your mental state and your perspective. This is the episode I hope you will return to, that you will pause and replay, that you will take notes and share with someone who needs it. This is the episode that CEO YOURSELF is all about: it encourages you to step into your power, know your worth and become the very best version of yourself.Together, we share our tips and tricks to switch into a positive mindset, to overcome anxiety and FEAR (false evidence appearing real). You can find Michelle on instagram @michellegriffithrobinson and discover her coaching and mentoring via her website hereShe is a Women's Health UK PT and Ambassador for charities including The Menopause Charity, Women’s Aid and Diabetes UK. To find the charity that’s right for you, you can visit Charity Navigator.