cover art for Erith Town FC: 'The Dockers Debate Podcast' w/ Michael Avery, Louie Clarke and James Dyer

Achtung! Millwall Podcast

Erith Town FC: 'The Dockers Debate Podcast' w/ Michael Avery, Louie Clarke and James Dyer

The second edition of our new regular Erith Town show features new signings Louie Clarke and James Dyer in conversation with present, Michael Avery.

Up the Dockers ...

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  • Achtung! Millwall 659 - a few more titbits ...

    A few Friday night odds and ends dear listeners. SEND ME YOUR VOICENOTES! (please) - via WhatsApps OR Twitter @AchtungMillwall - direct message me.Arrivederci MillwallNick
  • Achtung! Millwall 659 PART TWO - Leicester win reaction!

    Last night's MAGNIFICENT home win over top of the table Leicester City, considered by our voicemail contributors.Arrivederci MillwallNick@AchtungMillwallemail -
  • Achtung! Millwall 659 PART ONE: Millwall 1-0 Leicester City 09.04.24

    Welcome to part one of our extensive coverage of last night's HUGE home victory over table topping Leicester City, this episode includes my in-game reactions plus some post full time voicemails. Part two including more voicemail reaction to this mightily relieving win will follow later.Thanks as always to all our contributors and to you dear listener for tuning in ...Arrivederci MillwallNick@AchtungMillwall
  • Erith Town FC: 'The Dockers Debate Podcast' - The MacKenzie Foley interview

    Our goalkeeper MacKenzie Foley interviewed by show host Michael Avery ...Up the Dockers
  • Achtung! Millwall 658 PART TWO - Huddersfield reaction with Tony Munday

    A part two extra show for you dear listeners, featuring the strong opinions of regular guest Tony Munday covering the current situation at Millwall.Arrivederci
  • Achtung! Millwall 658: Huddersfield Horror reaction ...

    PARENTAL ADVISORY - CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE FROM THE START - yesterday's horrorshow at Huddersfield considered, chewed over and spat out by yours truly, in conversation with our northern correspondent John Shipman. PLUS ... 'the voicemails'.Arrivederci MillwallNick'X' - @AchtungMillwallemail -
  • Erith Town FC: 'The Dockers Debate Podcast' - Rusthall 0-2 Erith Town SCEFL 01.04.24

    A trip to Royal Tunbridge Well for this edition, as the Dockers pick up three valuable points at the Jockey Farm Stadium. In game coverage with Michael and Rob, post match comment with gaffer Adam Woodward.Up the Dockers!
  • Achtung! Millwall 657 PART TWO - Rotherham voicemail reaction ...

    In the wake of yesterday's disappointing defeat at the New York Stadium, we chew over the Millwall scene via the voicemail show ...Huge thank you to everyone who contributes, if you would like to join the voicemail podcast contributors please do get in touch via X direct message OR email me with your mobile number via achtungmillwall@gmail.comArrivederci MillwallNick
  • Achtung! Millwall 657 PART ONE: Rotherham 2-1 Millwall 01.04.24

    STRONG LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT - April fools - yes all eleven of them in a Millwall shirt today, as the Lions contrive to lose to the division's worst side who have conceded some 80 goals and won just three times all season. Make that four now ... joining me to chew over the cud in the wake of that disappointing loss at New York Stadium is Harry Warren @block45lionArrivederci MillwallNickachtungmillwall@gmail.comX - @AchtungMillwall