Cavan History


The Irish Poor Law Unions

Ep. 4

In this episode, Brendan Scott talks to Dr Georgina Laragy about the Irish Poor Law Unions, and their impact on Irish society and the Great Famine of the 1840s.

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  • 1. 'Lord Farnham and Partition'

     Dr. Brendan Scott and Dr. Jonathan Cherry discuss Arthur Maxwell, the 11th Lord Farnham and his opposition to partition in the early twentieth century.
  • 2. The Irish Grants Committee

    ‘The Irish Grants Committee was established in the 1920s to compensate people who had suffered as a result of their Loyalism. The applicants to this fund reveal much to us regarding their stories and how they viewed themselves and their place in a new political landscape. In this episode of Cavan History, Brendan Scott talks to Dr Daniel Purcell about this fascinating resource and the stories it contains’
  • 3. ‘Royalists, Rebels and Revolutionists’

    In this episode Brendan Scott is in conversation with Johann Farrelly, local historian and author of 'Royalists, Rebels and Revolutionists'. They delve into Johann’s book which deals with Cavan’s revolutionary years to see what sense can be made of this tumultuous period and talk about some of the characters who played important roles in Cavan’s revolutionary experience. 
  • 5. ‘The Dead of the Irish Revolution’