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Cats Got Your Tongue?

10. Lauren Oakley

Season 1, Ep. 10

In this episode, Adam and Nicky are joined by Strictly Come Dancing’s professional dancer Lauren Oakley. Lauren, who was an Under 21 British National Champion and most recently seen on our screens dancing with Krishnan Guru-Murthy into the eighth round of the BBC show, lives with three cats Gypsy, Paco and Primrosey. She discusses how she juggles a busy life as a dancer with being a cat mum and the best ways to ’spoil’ a cat. And, as always, the team gets into your Cat’s Tales, including how not to panic when your indoor cat ventures outside and what to do when your feline is the neighbourhood bully! 

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  • 12. 12. Dr Bolu Eso: Listeners’ Cat’s Tales special

    In the final episode of this season, Adam and Nicky enlist some extra help from TV vet, Dr Bolu Eso. Dr Bolu, seen regularly on our screens on Love Your Weekend and Pooch Perfect, helps the team dig deep into lots of knotty listener questions about their cat companions.   Subjects under discussion include keeping your cat’s teeth clean, the things vets wish owners knew, and grief from the loss of your pet. Also, as Adam reflects on how the podcast has helped him become more ‘cat savvy’, we hear why Dr Bolu thinks there is a reason why cats are worshipped.   Thank you to everyone who has listened to season one of Cats Got Your Tongue? Keep sending your questions and ideas in to and keep a look out for season two! 
  • 11. 11. Caroline Quentin

    In this episode Adam and Nicky are joined by actress and TV star Caroline Quentin to discuss life with her cats, the fabulously named Lady Ottoline, Ruben, Boxy and Toffee. Caroline talks about growing up around cats, her love of gardening and asks the team about behaviour changes when Ruben lost his tail. Plus, Adam has a cat smelling confession, the team chat about cat-safe plants and Nicky provides more advice for your Cat’s Tales in this bumper length episode.
  • 9. 9. Russell Kane

    In this episode Adam and Nicky chat to award-winning comedian, writer and actor Russell Kane. Russell is the proud human to Roy, Terry and Donna, each with a unique personality of their own. Russell, who is writing his own book about cats, talks about the complications that come with four-legged introductions and demonstrates a cat high-five! Plus, The One Show’s Matt Allwright makes an appearance and the team discuss the importance of microchipping and the lives of indoor cats. 
  • 8. 8. Frankie and David Seaman MBE

    In this episode Adam and Nicky chat to champion ice-skater Frankie and former England goalkeeper David Seaman about their love of cats. The couple live with Smokey and Willow but also volunteer for their local Cats Protection centre by fostering litters and pregnant cats, to prepare them for rehoming. The team chat about the importance of volunteering and how to buy or adopt a cat safely. 
  • 7. 7. Matt Richardson

    In the final episode of 2023, Adam and Nicky chat with award-winning comedian and TV and radio presenter, Matt Richardson, about his cat, Achilles. Matt explains why his neighbour's cat was the reason for getting his own and what it was like welcoming Achilles during lockdown. Plus, This Morning’s vet Dr Scott Miller pops in and the team wonder if cats feel embarrassment or not?We're taking a short festive break, so please subscribe to the show to make sure you don't miss our next episode returning on Friday 5th January.
  • 6. 6. Kris Hallenga

    In this episode Adam and Nicky chat to columnist, influencer and founder of breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!, Kris Hallenga. Pride of Britain award winner Kris was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23 and now educates young people about the dangers of late diagnosis. Her memoir, Glittering A Turd, is a Sunday Times bestseller and she has never known a time she hasn’t had a cat. And comedian Jake Lambert discusses how his cat likes to visit the neighbours.
  • 5. 5. Kim-Joy Hewlett

    In this episode Adam and Nicky chat with fellow cat lover and The Great British Bake Off star and author Kim-Joy Hewlett. Kim-Joy shares all on her cats Mochi and Inki, their obsessions with cheese, their nicknames and why she created a baking book full of delicious cat-themed creations. The team also discuss why some cats don’t like dogs and Blue Peter’s Dr Rory Cowlam pops in for a chat.
  • 4. 4. Cherry Healey

    In this episode Adam and Nicky chat to documentary maker and TV presenter Cherry Healey as she tells all on her two regal cats and why they ended up with the names ‘Business Time’ and ‘House Party’. Cherry also talks about the struggle of toilet training her cats and the drama of feeding time. Plus, the team discuss why cats bring us gifts and interrupt us when we’re exercising. Includes a special appearance by social superstars Max & Harvey revealing their special cat voices…