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Trump, RFK Jr., and the Libertarian Party

Two notably illiberal politicians headlined at the Libertarian Party's convention over the weekend. What does it reveal about the brand of libertarianism advanced by the LP? Aaron Steelman and Andy Craig comment.

Related:Trump is hardly libertarian. But neither is today’s Libertarian Party.” By Peter Goettler, The Washington Post, May 23, 2024

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  • How to Achieve the Lowest Tax Rates in A Century

    Between the needless complications of the tax code and various special-interest giveaways in it, overall tax rates are higher than they could be otherwise. Adam Michel explains in a new paper what would be required for Congress to lower overall rates.
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  • David Boaz: The Libertarian Exponent

    David Boaz was an intellectual leader of the Cato Institute for four decades and a libertarian thinker of the first order. In addition to his speeches, books, and clear-headed communication of libertarian ideas in the public sphere, David was a friend and mentor. David passed away on June 7, 2024. Aaron Ross Powell, founding director of, and Cato Senior Fellow Tom G. Palmer discuss the work and legacy of David Boaz. Related: The Libertarian Mind by David Boaz The Libertarian Reader edited by David Boaz “David Boaz: Liberty’s North Star” by Aaron Ross Powell “David Boaz Is with Us” by Tom G. Palmer “The Separation of Art and State” by David Boaz The Crisis in Drug Prohibition edited by David Boaz “David Boaz: ‘Now It’s Your Turn’” featuring David Boaz and Caleb O. Brown
  • David Boaz: "Now, It’s Your Turn"

    David Boaz, longtime executive vice president of the Cato Institute, has passed away at the age of 70. His contributions to the advance of libertarian ideas in the public sphere are hard to overestimate. These are his remarks at the Students for Liberty LibertyCon in February.David Boaz Memorial Page
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    Following his related testimony on Capitol Hill, Cato's Adam Michel details why Congress should move toward ending a wide variety of penalties aimed squarely at Americans who save.
  • Don't Freeze Technological Advancement to Stem AI

    Slowing or freezing technological advancement could be devastating for the many benefits that artificial intelligence can bring to a wide variety of problems we face. Jack Solowey and Jennifer Huddleston explain what's at stake.
  • Clawing Back Emergency Executive Authorities

    Presidents of both parties have been handed – decade over decade – a growing list of powers to be only unlocked in the event of an emergency, but those powers rarely get reviewed on a consistent basis. What's a better path for handing over and taking back emergency power? Satya Thallam of Americans for Responsible Innovation comments.
  • Social Movements and Profit Opportunities

    Serving the underserved is a well-established path to profits for entrepreneurs and acceptance for minority populations. Economist Nathan Goodman explains.