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A Tentative Debt Limit Deal Moves to Congress

The debt limit deal hammered out by House Speaker McCarthy and President Biden won't do much on its own to prevent a fiscal crisis, but it does set up some potentially productive negotiations to limit spending and debt in the coming years. Chris Edwards comments.

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  • A Federal Plan to Expand Racial Categories Is a Bad Idea

    Why does the Office of Management and Budget want to expand racial categories in the United States? Alex Nowrasteh discusses his new paper that explains why such an expansion is a bad idea.
  • California May Join States Legalizing Psychedelics

    California Governor Gavin Newsom is mulling legislation that would legalize possession of small amounts of multiple psychedelic drugs. Cato's Jeff Singer discusses the implications for medical practitioners.
  • The Nonemergency Emergency Spending Causing a Fiscal Emergency

    The emergency spending that's come to characterize an increasing share of federal outlays has contributed mightily to current fiscal woes. Jonathan Bydlak of the R Street Institute comments.
  • A Glimpse at a Trump Foreign Policy Agenda for 2025

    Donald Trump might prefer to leave Congress out of the loop on decisions about which nations or actors receive U.S. weapons. A new Heritage Foundation report also leans toward giving POTUS fewer checks on foreign policy moves. Jordan Cohen comments.
  • The Supreme Court's Opportunity to Restore Unsung Rights

    The Supreme Court long ago erred in gutting a key provision of the 14th Amendment. Anastasia Boden says a case the court could take up this term gives them an opportunity to repair that mistake.
  • How Putin and Kim Meeting Changes the War in Ukraine

    Seeking fresh weaponry for his war in Ukraine, Russia's Vladimir Putin met with North Korea's Kim Jong Un recently. Eric Gomez discusses the geopolitical considerations.
  • Saudi Arabia: Pariah or Partner?

    What does the United States get in terms of security enhancement given its informal, but pricey financial commitment to Saudi Arabia? President Biden is advancing a plan that would formalize security guarantees to Saudi Arabia. Cato's Jon Hoffman comments. Pariah or Partner: Reevaluating the U.S.-Saudi Relationship
  • Does School Choice Raise the Price of Private Education?

    School choice is on the march so it's reasonable to ask if the shift toward relatively more students receiving private school educations will raise prices at those schools? Cato adjunct Jason Bedrick comments.
  • Guns, Drugs, Hunter Biden, and the Selectively Long Arm of the Law

    The President's son, Hunter Biden, now faces charges related to his drug use and gun ownership. It illustrates, as Clark Neily details, the enormous discretion wielded by prosecutors.