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How Putin and Kim Meeting Changes the War in Ukraine

Seeking fresh weaponry for his war in Ukraine, Russia's Vladimir Putin met with North Korea's Kim Jong Un recently. Eric Gomez discusses the geopolitical considerations.

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  • Illinois Handed Immense Power to Government Unions, So How's It Going?

    Last year, Illinois voters handed breathtaking new powers to collective bargaining agreements for government employees. Mailee Smith of the Illinois Policy Institute evaluates the status.
  • What Does OPEC Do and Should We Care?

    Contrary to conventional beliefs about how the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries operates, there are many reasons to believe OPEC has fewer degrees of freedom than most people believe. That misperception can serve the needs of politicians searching for a bogeyman. Peter Van Doren and David Kemp explain why in a new paper.
  • One Local Impediment to Free-Range Kids

    Parents might embrace their children's independence, but how much support do those parents have in the form of local infrastructure? Andrea Keith of Let Grow explains.
  • What Incentives Do State Regulators Face?

    It may not be shocking to learn that state-level regulators face many of the same incentives as federal regulators. State lawmakers should pay close attention to how those regulators do their work, says Joe Luppino-Esposito of the Pacific Legal Foundation.
  • Is Javier Milei, Argentina's Next President, A Libertarian?

    Javier Milei, the next President of Argentina, says he's a supporter of free trade, dollarization, and big cuts to the public sector. Cato’s Daniel Raisbeck evaluates the Milei platform against Argentina’s economic and political realities.
  • Cataloging the Myriad Ways You Can Land in Jail

    It's an immense task to understand the criminal penalties that attach to a vast array of federally disfavored behavior. Patrick McLaughlin of the Mercatus Center details what he's learned in undertaking exactly that task.
  • Taiwan's Defense and US Policy

    Eric Gomez is author of the new Cato Institute paper, "Taiwan's Urgent Need for Asymmetric Defense."
  • Are Public School Libraries Accomplishing Their Mission?

    If public school libraries are supposed to represent a broad range of views, do they? Neal McCluskey details his new paper exploring the question.
  • Expiring Authority for Warrantless Surveillance Meets Resistance

    A bipartisan group in Congress wants reform to federal surveillance authorities before signing off on reauthorization. What would that reform do? Cato's Patrick Eddington and James Czerniawski of Americans for Prosperity comment.