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Jimmy Lai has become a powerful symbol of the struggle for democratic rights and press freedom in Hong Kong as China’s Communist Party exerts ever greater control over the territory. Lai will receive the 2023 Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty this week. Eric Kohn is a producer on The Hong Konger: Jimmy Lai’s Extraordinary Struggle for Freedom.

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  • More Thoughts on Trump v. United States

    It's hard to get a handle on the breadth of protections handed to current and future presidents in Trump v. United States. Cato's Walter Olson says much of the immunity from prosecution handed to these heads of state is wholly invented by SCOTUS.
  • The NetChoice Cases Deliver Win for Freedom of Speech

    State laws seeking to compel social media companies to allow certain content or people on their platforms failed to pass muster at the Supreme Court. Jennifer Huddleston evaluates what's next.
  • 'Jawboning' and Murthy v. Missouri

    In Murthy v. Missouri, the Supreme Court clarified the evidence that would be required to prove government coercion with respect to online speech platforms. Cato's Walter Olson and Brent Skorup discuss the case.
  • Adjudicating Federal Agency Claims after Jarkesy

    The Supreme Court's Jarkesy decision will mean more cases brought federal agencies will end up in court instead of the court-like rooms inside the agencies themselves. Will Yeatman of the Pacific Legal Foundation and Cato’s Jennifer Schulp explain the importance of the change.
  • Initial Thoughts on Trump v. United States

    The Supreme Court's decision giving absolute immunity to the President of the United States from prosecution for certain actions raises as many questions as it answers. Cato’s Clark Neily offers some initial thoughts.
  • America's Birth Certificate in Context

    The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important documents in human history. Cato's Roger Pilon details the philosophical underpinning of America's Birth Certificate.
  • Examining the Evidence on Immigrant Crime

    Texas collects data on the immigration status of those accused of crimes in the state. What it tells us about the crime rates of immigrants versus native-born Americans is valuable. Alex Nowrasteh explains.
  • Supreme Court Ends Chevron Deference

    Courts will no longer defer to federal agencies when it comes to interpreting certain statutes. Tommy Berry explains the Supreme Court's opinion that ended so-called Chevron deference.
  • A Tiny Silver Lining for Liberty in the NDAA

    One galling and unAmerican provision typical of recent National Defense Authorization Acts may finally be on the way out. Patrick Eddington details how it happened.