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The High Price of Buying American

Policies that privilege domestic producers of various products punish consumers, taxpayers, and producers alike while delivering few benefits. Cato's James Bacchus comments.

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  • The Supreme Court's Opportunity to Restore Unsung Rights

    The Supreme Court long ago erred in gutting a key provision of the 14th Amendment. Anastasia Boden says a case the court could take up this term gives them an opportunity to repair that mistake.
  • How Putin and Kim Meeting Changes the War in Ukraine

    Seeking fresh weaponry for his war in Ukraine, Russia's Vladimir Putin met with North Korea's Kim Jong Un recently. Eric Gomez discusses the geopolitical considerations.
  • Saudi Arabia: Pariah or Partner?

    What does the United States get in terms of security enhancement given its informal, but pricey financial commitment to Saudi Arabia? President Biden is advancing a plan that would formalize security guarantees to Saudi Arabia. Cato's Jon Hoffman comments. Pariah or Partner: Reevaluating the U.S.-Saudi Relationship
  • Does School Choice Raise the Price of Private Education?

    School choice is on the march so it's reasonable to ask if the shift toward relatively more students receiving private school educations will raise prices at those schools? Cato adjunct Jason Bedrick comments.
  • Guns, Drugs, Hunter Biden, and the Selectively Long Arm of the Law

    The President's son, Hunter Biden, now faces charges related to his drug use and gun ownership. It illustrates, as Clark Neily details, the enormous discretion wielded by prosecutors.
  • The Tremendous Upside of Humanitarian Sponsorship for Escapees of Authoritarianism

    "Parole sponsorship" allows individuals in the U.S. to sponsor people fleeing unstable or authoritarian regimes. The Biden administration has reinvigorated the program for people from a handful of countries. David Bier says it delivers great benefits.
  • Why Do Rights-Violating University Officials Get Qualified Immunity?

    What happens when public university officials violate your free speech rights? Often the get qualified immunity, thus shielding them from consequences of those actions. Casey Mattox with Americans for Prosperity comments.
  • Joe Overton, Policy Change, and the 'Overton Window‘

    Policy change can be a long slog. The now-famous "Overton Window" gives us a way of thinking about how change happens. Joe Lehmann of the Mackinac Center discusses how the late Joe Overton thought about policy change.
  • Defending Globalization Today

    Globalization's opponents are loathe to admit that the process of expanding the movement of goods, services, and people relatively freely across borders has paid enormous dividends for a very long time. Scott Lincicome explains why free trade and migration deserves a vigorous defense.