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The High Cost of Mandatory Parking

If markets demand parking, it will largely be provided. In so many cases, however, it's governments setting the rules for how much parking must be provided for new housing or commercial ventures. Requiring all that parking raises costs and make lots of unique development unaffordable. Author M. Nolan Gray explains why markets are generally far better at setting the right mix.

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  • Marking a Century of Broken Immigration Policy

    Should the government prove you shouldn't be allowed to immigrate, or should individuals have to prove that they should be allowed to immigrate? A century ago today, immigration policy shifted from the former to the latter. David Bier explains how the change has implicated Americans’ rights.
  • The Fatal Fallacy for Fans of CBDCs

    The notion that there can ever be a "level playing field" between decentralized, private cryptocurrencies and state-issued ones is entirely wrong. Nick Anthony explains.
  • John Stuart Mill, Harriet Taylor Mill, and The Subjection of Women

    The contours of freedom advanced in The Subjection of Women apply to us all. The influence of his wife, Harriet Taylor Mill, in the work’s final form is hard to miss. That is in part why the essay remains a favorite of's Grant Babcock.
  • A Guide to Content Moderation for Policymakers

    Humility is a good starting point for lawmakers seeing to understand content moderation. David Inserra offers a helpful guide to policymakers.
  • J.S. Mill, On Liberty, and How Liberals Think

    Paul Meany of walks us through the importance of John Stuart Mill through his powerful treatise On Liberty.
  • Congress Should Make No Law Setting Speech Rules for Universities

    In the wake of protests at many universities over the Israeli war in Gaza, what's the role for Congress to regulate? Unsurprisingly, it's not much. Cato's Neal McCluskey and Nico Perrino of FIRE comment.
  • Confront Errors in "Pandemic Inflation"

    In David Beckworth's essay in The War on Prices, he explains what must be true for narratives of a pandemic-driven inflation to be true.
  • The Wage Gap and The War on Prices

    The US wage gap between men and women consistently drives calls for deep federal intervention into the labor market in the name of preventing discrimination. Analyzing that gap more critically reveals far less clarity about its causes and potential solutions. Vanessa Brown Calder explains in her essay in the new book, The War on Prices.
  • Rent Control: Another Bad Idea That Never Dies

    Rent control doesn't make housing more affordable. It makes affordable housing less available. Jeff Miron explains in his essay in the new book, The War on Prices.