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Canada's Link Tax Delivers Dire Warning

Link taxes are supposed to help prop up ailing print media outlets by charging big tech firms for the privilege of linking to news content. The case of Canada’s link tax is challenging that hope. Cato's Paul Matzko comments.

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  • Mitch McConnell’s Legacy Includes Freeing Political Speech

    In assessing the legacy of Mitch McConnell as a Republican leader in the U.S. Senate, it's important to include his large role in radically reducing the regulation of Americans’ political speech. Cato's John Samples explains.
  • SCOTUS Hears the NetChoice Cases

    The Supreme Court this week heard arguments challenging and defending laws in Florida and Texas that constrain internet platforms in setting their own rules for users. How did the justices receive those arguments? David Inserra, Jennifer Huddleston, and Tommy Berry comment.
  • A Frosty Reception for Wendy's over Dynamic Pricing

    Wendy's toyed with the idea of dynamic pricing for their menus, and then quickly walked those comments back. But the general ire for dynamic pricing shouldn't invite politicians to get involved. Ryan Bourne explains.
  • Presidential Candidates Speak (or Not) on Central Bank Digital Currency

    Trump and Biden have different takes on CBDCs, to say the least. And now states are moving in a variety of ways to account for the proposed new currency in their commercial codes. Nick Anthony explains.
  • Chiaverini v. Evanoff

    If an arrest warrant is issued without probable cause that a crime has been committed, the person arrested can sue for “malicious prosecution.” But there's a catch, and the Supreme Court will have to grapple with it this term. Tommy Berry explains.
  • FERC's Quorum Problem and US Energy

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has a role to play in managing the multistate movement of energy, but it's not clear the agency will be able to do the job in the near term. Cato’s Travis Fisher explains.
  • Dollarization at the End of the Javier Milei Honeymoon

    His most recent package of reforms has stalled. Will Javier Milei now turn his full attention to securing dollarization to rescue Argentina from the costs of inflation? Daniel Raisbeck and Gabriela Calderon de Burgos explain the stakes.
  • Has US Middle East Policy Failed?

    The US has a particular way of engaging with the Middle East, and it doesn't serve US interests particularly well. Jon Hoffman explains.
  • State Fiscal Health and Cost‐​Saving Strategies

    State fiscal health was surprisingly good during and after the pandemic, but state debt expenses have increased as the Federal Reserve has tried to quell inflation. Marc Joffe offers some advice for states seeking cost savings.