Caribbean Comeback


Climate justice

Ep. 2

Dominica has lived through increasingly intense hurricanes and was devastated by Hurricane Maria (2017), which laid bare vulnerabilities that date back to colonial decisions. For Dominica and all Caribbean islands, colonisation and climate change have, and will continue to have, damaging consequences. So, do we now need ‘climate justice’? To find out more go to

Show credits: Adelle Thomas, Adom Philogene Heron, Alma Jenkins, Angus Friday, April Baptiste, Clarice Barnes, Francine Baron, Gemma Sou, Henrice Altink, Hillary Beckles, Indi Mclymont-Lafayette, Jenni Barclay, John Marazita, Keston Perry, Kevon Rhiney, Leith Dunn, Louby Georges, Michael Witter, Nicole Leotaud, Pat Joseph, Pep Bardouille, Piran White, Roger Few, Ronald Jackson, Simon Young, Simone Lee, Stacey Edwards, Vanya David and Yvonne Weekes. 

This podcast is produced by Freya Hellier for Loftus Media.

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