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Candy Girl

Icebreakers: Who is Candy Girl?

Ep. 62

This episode we discuss who Candy Girl is, our mission, and our Non profit. During this recording a coup broke out at the capitol, so there is some discussion about that. Subscribe to our patreon to get the full reaction from the three of us.

**Shelby says "whitehouse" when referring to the riots, this event happened at the capitol!

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  • 70. Sugar Free

    In this long-anticipated episode we sat down with 50 Plus a Tip to talk safety online and in-person, naked man butts, and more! If you adore Danica and Riley as much as we do, stay tuned until the end of the episode to figure out where you can listen to their podcast and indulge in all their sexy content!Instagram:
  • 69. Hot Cocoa

    What makes you wanna cuddle up more than a cup of hot cocoa? For us, it's Felicity Azura, host of @procuddlehustlepodcast! Felicity shares with us the good and bad sides to professional cuddling and her experiences in the industry. This is the first of three unreleased episodes, and we are so excited to be back at it!
  • Updates

    Hello all you Candy Sluts and Bubble Butts! It's been a minute. Shelby explains where Candy Girl has been and the future of the podcast in this little update episode. Thank you for continuing to support us through the nightmare that was 2021 and if you know anyone who wants to pay us for our work email us at
  • 68. 3rd Anniversary Special

    It's our birthday! To celebrate we've complied some highlights from the last few years for your listening pleasure. Though we couldn't fit every guest into this special, we are so grateful for everyone who has taken the time to talk to us. If you want to hear our older content, subscribe to our patreon, all of it can be found there. Thank you to everyone we've interviewed, you're amazing and we have learned so much from you.Episodes in Order of Appearance:Peaches with Alexis FemmeMackaron with Callie MackDulce y Picante with Goddess SirianaWhore of all Trades with Nia LysticSprinkles with Tiffany DuncanWatermelon Sugar with Sophia the GoddessRaylin (Almond) Joy with Mistress Skin DiamondSour Punch with Kelli ProvocateurMilk & Honey with Gwen AdoraRosewater Truffles with Zenayda Rose(Bea) York Peppermint Paddy with Bea YorkSelling Sweets with Freak in the TweetsLockeCroix with Helena LockeStrawberries with Plant GalRed HotsJawbreakerCandy Crown with Isabella SinclairPeaches'n'Cream with Matt Black and Holly BethCookies and Cream with Cameron Beaumont and Riley DeLacroixLemonade with Gabrielle MonroeLet Them Eat Cache with Lea SalonganisaCandy AppleSugar in the Raw
  • 67. Peaches'n'Cream

    This episode we chatted with Matt Black and Little Holly Beth about dating and relationships as sex workers. Matt tells us all about his special tattoo and Holly Beth illustrates a Princess Peach & Luigi scene they did together. We are totally obsessed with them and you will be too!Follow them online: @ItsMattBlack and @LittleHollyBeth
  • 66. Selling Sweets with Freak in the Tweets

    This week we talked to Lily Hope from Freak in the Tweets Podcast about Hulu's new documentary, "Onlyfans: Selling Sexy." We all give our hot takes, how we wish to see sex workers represented in media, and discuss the many social issues surrounding sex work. Lily was a joy to have on here and we suggest listening to their show on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you stream podcasts!
  • 65. Strawberries

    This week we talked to Ivy, or on Instagram! She told us all about her plants and hot takes on Onlyfans! Ivy really grows on you (get it?) so join us for a sweet discussion about sex work and more!
  • 63. Let Them Eat Cache

    This week we talked to anti-racism educator, activist, and viral TikToker, Lea Salonganisa! Lea educates us on SISEA and future threats against sex workers despite the bill's death. She also talks about her activism, her background in education, and ending up on the Tech Bro side of TikTok.