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A podcast dedicated to running better workshops, training and meetings online with Michael Forrest & Ivanka Majic

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  • 10. Ice breakers for online workshops

    Today we're going to talk about icebreakers for online workshops. "Aren't ice breakers just awful and they suck? Aren't they just lame and creepy?". No. Well, it really depends on what you're trying to do.READ MORE:

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  • 9. Video Conferencing: Consumer vs Enterprise Tools

    Consumer tools are often better than enterprise tools, but can we use them at work? At the start of the pandemic things got a lot looser with what you were allowed to use at work and slowly the screws got tightened again. How can we keep our nice things?READ MORE
  • 8. How to run smart live events with Digital Skills Education

    Craig Steele and Daniel Devine take us behind the scenes of Digital Skills Education. They run sophisticated online workshops for schools and businesses, on relatively advanced technical subjects like AI and cyber security. Find out how they minimise risks when running highly engaging live interactive event, keeping everything running smoothly and on-schedule.READ MORE
  • 7. Overcoming Mediocrity with David Paskin

    Today we are joined by Rabbi David Paskin, aka Torah Tech Guy, "helping people use great tech to share and create great Torah". Together we begin to answer a simple question: "How do we create digital experiences that aren't terrible and boring?"READ MORE:
  • 6. How to get comfortable presenting online

    There's a lot to think about when presenting but doing it online presents a different set of problems. How do we prepare and practice, and what equipment do we use when presenting online?READ MORE:
  • 5. What is streaming?

    Live streaming technology has been around for a long time but it gained a new lease of life when it was adopted by gamers on platforms like Twitch. Michael’s done a lot of streaming but Ivanka, not so much. This episode is an exploration of the features and motivations behind the weird wild west that is the world of live streaming.READ MORE: for the video problems but hopefully you can see past them and enjoy the content!
  • 4. Video Call Etiquette

    Tech moves so quickly that it’s hard for social conventions to keep up. What constitutes “good manners” online? We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas we’ve heard about.READ MORE: