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The Good Robot with co-editor Kerry McInerney

Season 2, Ep. 80

What is good technology? Is 'good' technology even possible? And how can feminism help us work towards it? The Good Robot - Why Technology Needs Feminism addresses these crucial questions through the voices of leading feminist thinkers, activists and technologists, and co-editor Kerry McInerney tell us more about the book, its contributors, and carving her own way in the world of AI Ethics.

With such a huge amount of thought-provoking content in the book, we highlight four of the essays written by:

·       Blaise Aguera yArcas, Google Research, Cerebra - Good technology is cooperative

·       Margaret Mitchell, Hugging Face - Good technology is inclusive

·       Ranjit Singh, Data & Society - Good Technology is Slow (to Scale)

·       Kanta Dihal, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence - Good technology needs good stories.


We talk about ideas and compromises of good tech and the tensions between if it is even possible to have good tech in the environments we live in, and the need to have technology ‘community-driven’.

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  • 89. Fixing the broken food chain with Miha Pipan, Better Origin

    We don’t think anyone would disagree that it is a global imperative to tackle food waste and address the economic and environmental loss it causes. Let’s face it, people work hard to grow nutrients so why not turn waste into something more useful?We talk with Miha Pipan, Co-founder and CEO of Better Origin about:·       The size of the problem – food waste generates 4 Gigatons (Gt) of CO2 equivalent (CO2-eq) each year·       The efficiency of using the #Black Soldier Fly, they produce a high quality source of 1:1 fat:protein ·       Creating sustainable feed from grain waste for chickens, fish, pets….·       Better Origin’s X1 birth to automate insect farming on farms in the UK, and the growth to X2 the huge potential of the OriginX·       Using #AI and #deeptech to make the X1 fully automated for farmers - it takes care of seeding, feeding, growth, and harvest·       A partnership with Morrisons to create a carbon-neutral egg – the cost of which is an increase of pence, not pounds·       A sustainable feed proposition that brings together performance, health and welfare ·       Changing minds and attitudes to alternative food sources·       The start-up journey over the last 8-9 years, and how the bumps in the road make you more resilient.Produced by Cambridge TV
  • 88. Showcase of the annual #SciTechAwards

    Launched in 2017, the Science and Technology Awards has become a key part of the Awards calendar for Cambridge. Alumni includes life science and biotech - Storm Biotherapeutics, CMR Surgical, Owlstone Medical,, and technology companies – Pragmatic, Featurespace, C2-Ai.With 16 categories there is something for everyone, but for this episode, we’re focusing on the more #technology categories, where often multiple technologies are pitted against each other – no easy decision for the judges.Tune in to hear a full roster of innovative science and technology companies and individuals and hold until the end where we’ll also share details of the winners of the tech categories. Information on all categories can be found on the Cambridge Independent website and social channels.
  • 87. Find out about Cambridge Wide Open Day 2024

    Cambridge Wide Open Day (CWOD) will be held on 12th June so to bring everyone up to speed we’re joined by creator Prashant Shah, o2h group and member of the advisory committee Aline Charpentier, Bruntwood SciTech.Created to bring the broadest possible community together -CWOD is a chance to experience a mix of tours, talks, workshops, clinics, product demos, and pitches from leading individuals, companies, and parks across Cambridge. It was great to hear about Aline’s experience of connecting with the entire community at Melbourn Science Park. And what a great demonstration of Cambridge at its best with a decentralised and collaborative approach!Open to everyone, whether you work within or outside of Cambridge, or are a local resident curious to see the science and tech scene - there's something for you. Come and #BeCurious – see, learn and invest, and enjoy the ‘vim’. For more details and to book a general pass to ‘design your own day’, head over to the LinkedIn page or the website by Cambridge TV
  • 86. Spring winners from Angels@Essex pitching event

    We’re joined by John Stenhouse, Business Support Manager at the University of Essex, who manages the Angels@Essex programme whose purpose is to bring innovative ideas and clever founders to the investment network. To date the programme has worked with over 500 businesses over four years and has reached investors from all over the world.During the INVEST IN INNOVATION Spring 2024 pitching event, eight businesses from all sectors presented, and in this episode we talk to the three winners:Best Pitch Peter Schwabach – Industrial Robotic Solutions Ltd – who assemble meals with robots and vision software.Best Idea – Mark Thomas APPNALYSIS LIMITED – a SaaS product for mobile app developers to help them build better apps and better roadmaps.Audience Choice – James Dunce Bravely Cultured – a novel marine bacteria to produce green chemicals.Tune in to hear about the experiences of pitching, being serial entrepreneurs, engaging with a coach/mentor, and what is happening next for the winners.Produced by Cambridge TV
  • 85. UK Tech Week launched with Stuart Clarke MBE

    This last week, UK Tech Week was launched, and a host of events took place across the UK in celebration. We asked its Founder, Stuart Clarke MBE, to talk to us about the inspiration behind creating an umbrella platform to showcase tech communities across the UK. With events throughout the year in most regions from Glasgow to Basildon, Humberside to Bristol it was great to hear about how different tech weeks differentiate themselves based on local expertise. We talk about capital, partnerships, and why something like UK Tech Week can expand the reach of tech to a much broader audience through collaboration.  Do head over to the UK Tech Week website and social channels to find out more. We also had some updates from Chris Bruce on Cambridge Tech Week too, including: •                 The Innovation Alley exhibition call has been announced - Innovation Alley takes place on Tuesday 10th September at the Corn Exchange and will showcase 50 innovative startups, 10 scaleups and a small number of corporates to showcase the exciting diversity of tech innovation. Nominations close by 30th May. •                 The call for contributors closes 13th May, so if you are interested in a speaking slot or being part of a panel or fireside chats they there is still time to apply (conditions are on the website). •                 The registrations for delegate tickets went live this week, with super early bird rates for the first 50 registrations. Will we see you at #CamTechWeek?Produced by Cambridge TV
  • Public Success, Private Grief with Peter Cowley

    Please be aware this podcast talks about sensitive issues including cancer, alcoholism, and suicide.Most people will know Peter Cowley through his hugely successful career as one of Europe’s best known angel investors. #CamTechPod was at the launch of Peter’s latest book Public Success, Private Grief in which he details for the first time the succession of tragic events which have shaped his life and fuelled his relentless drive and ambition.In a fireside chat with Louisa Preston who spent over fifteen years as a news reporter on the BBC, ITN, Channel 4 and ITV, Peter discusses:-                 His inspiration as an entrepreneur and investor-                 Treating his cancer like another project-                 Experiencing bereavement from a young age and losing two sons-                 The advice he would give his younger self-                 What he hopes the book will achieve-                 Working on his bucket list: running two half marathons this year, sleeping on Antarctica-                 Helping charity and encouraging others to do so. He is donating £2 from the sale of each Public Success, Private Grief book to the charity PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide.Produced by Cambridge TV
  • 83. #CKD with Tom Collings of Kalium Health

    Founding CEO Tom Collings talks to us about Kalium Health and managing kidney disease.Did you know that 800 million people are affected by kidney disease around the world, costing $2 billion to manage kidney disease in US alone?Tom talks to us about:·       His background as an engineer, to helping startups, to building a company·       Founding the company with three amazing women – Fiona Karet, Tanya Hutter, Liz Norgett,·       His tips to ‘just do it, life is too short to watch for the side lines’ and bringing others along on the journey·       Following Andy Richards well-known narrative that “Cambridge is a low-risk place to do high risk things” ·       Manufacturing in Cambridge at prototype scale to get the product into the hands of clinics and clinical services, launching initially in the US·       Initial funding from Cambridge investors – Cambridge Angels, Martlet Capital – any timely opportunities for new professional investors during 2024·       We talk about medical insight and scientific innovation from an original idea to clinical trials.Tune in to hear all of this, and much more.Produced by Cambridge TV
  • 82. Would I Sci to You?

    Today we bring to you the ‘Would I Sci to You?’ event - the relevant but irreverent science panel show from Cambridge Science Centre!QI’s Head Researcher, James Harkin; scientist entrepreneur and CEO of Start Codon, Jason Mellad; Youtube sensation, Holly Gabrielle; Sliced Bread host and science journalist, Greg Foot; Director of Science and Entrepreneurship at the Babraham Research Campus, Kathryn Chapman; and renowned physicist, Isaac Newton face off against an array of science, research and other items that host Andrew Farrer directs at them.After an intro from #CamTechPod hosts Faye and James, we go straight into the event. There’s upset about the buzzers then we’re straight into primary school science – did you guess the answers?‘Would I Iie to you?’ puts Kathryn and Holly under pressure; the Missing Words round included suggestions from Biden to babies, and so much more. So, sit back and enjoy a selection of clips from the event and see Cambridge #SciTech in a very different way!Produced by Cambridge TV
  • 81. Decarbonising heavy transport with Cambridge start-up HutanBio

    In this episode we hear from Paul Beastall, CEO of HutanBio who are on a journey that has taken decades of research, formation of the company in 2019, and a trajectory to commercialise a new kind of biofuel company that is truly inspirational.We talk about the entrepreneurial relationship growing out of Cambridge University academics that took the team from the UK to Saudi Arabia, with a firm foothold now in Malaysia and the UK.Paul talks about the different stages of research and company development, including the creation of a floating lab to identify the right organisms to create their unique HBx algal biofuel. This biofuel is set to transform heavy transport and provide a green alternative to the over a billion tons of oil used each year.HutanBio recently raised their first Seed investment of £2.25m and are now set to grow, but notably in a super ethical way. They intend to desert land that is currently unutilised around the globe, and that can also provide employment for local communities. This is a great story of being intellectually based in Cambridge but spreading economic value elsewhere.Not only was it a high-impact chat, but you’ll learn a huge amount about heavy transportation and the impact a transformative biofuel could have on the global environment.Produced by Cambridge TV