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Team, Tech and Traction – insights from renowned Angel Investor Simon Thorpe

Season 2, Ep. 55

For our first anniversary 🎂🎉, we are joined by UK Angel Investor Simon Thorpe.

Simon talks to us about his portfolio and what he looks for in an investment. With 150-200 rounds in 60 companies and 10 successful trade exists under his belt, Simon discusses identifying investments and managing risk, advising his investments, and building relationships with his portfolio companies.

We discuss some interesting topics – does the UK sell tech companies too early? Should start-ups have revenue or not? And much more including some of the top themes from the first year of the podcast.

In this first episode of Series 2, we also have our first FOC charity advert at the end of the podcast, so stay listening to hear from this week’s charity – Form the Future CIC /Cambridge LaunchPad

Produced by Carl Homer

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  • 64. Using robots for mental wellbeing in a Cambridge Consultants collaboration

    Our two guests this week are Michelle Lim, Behavioural Scientist at Cambridge Consultants and Micol Spitale, Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Computer Science and Technology investigating #robotics.A collaboration between academia and business, the duo has collaborated on using #technology to address one of the biggest challenges in society – in this instance using a robotic coach to focus on #mentalhealth and #wellbeing in the workplace.Would a robot supplement practitioners in supporting good mental health of our employees? Should technology be used as a preventative measure? How do you handle confidentiality? We talk about how robotics can be used in future immersive experiences in healthcare and beyond and consider whether models that are being created are fair, un-biased and ethical.Tune in to find out more about this exciting project, and the potential for robotics in our everyday life.Produced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV.
  • 63. Understanding Climate Tech and MOFs with Immaterial

    Today we are introduced to Hydrogen Storage and Carbon Capture – what it means and why it is needed. We start with a detailed explanation of the challenges and opportunity from Aurelia Li and David Fairen-Jiminez.We learn how Immaterial is working to address the expense of decarbonisation and enable companies to achieve net zero targets with their advanced materials and systems solutions, particularly for the more complex industries where processes are difficult to evolve.And of course, we find out more about Aurelia and Davide, including how things sometimes happen as an accident!Take a look at the following link's if you would like to see what MOFs look like:Model of a MOF that’s well-studied in academia3D printed model of a MOFProduced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV
  • 62. Tackling heart failure with Heartfelt Technologies

    We are joined by Shamus Husheer and Oriane Chausiaux who are co-founders of Heartfelt Technologies.Heart failure is a chronic condition costing the NHS £2bn a year, and most hospitalisations are preventable. And that’s where Heartfelt Technologies comes in with their #AI and non-invasive tracking system.Tune in to find out more about the AI solution and their experiences with setting up businesses, filing patents, clinical trials, fundraising, team building, awards, and much moreProduced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV
  • 61. 2023 Chris Abell Competition with Cambridge Enterprise

    It’s the 2023 Chris Abell Post Doc Business Plan competition and we’re joined by Christine Martin from Cambridge Enterprise. We hear from the six finalists before finding out who picks up the 2023 prizes. Watch out for these people, who are certainly ones to watch of the future - Mark E. Carrington, Oxonium Energy; Abolfazal Mostaani, XinaTec; Ismail Sami, Mostli; Molly Haugen, Aetosense; Kamil Sokolowski Semantics, Ahmed Elwaraky, K-STEM.Produced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV.
  • 60. Tackling the wealth gap in Cambridge

    Whilst we have huge opportunities and wealth in Cambridge, there is a side of the city that is struggling. In fact, inequality in Cambridge holds the unforgivable moniker of being the most unequal city in the UK.And that is a label that we want to actively start to eliminate.In this episode, we are joined by a panel of speakers who will shed light on the issues and discuss how we can make a long-term impact.Rachel Hales from Get Synergised is sparking connections and igniting change between businesses and the non-profit sector; Sarah Crick from the Red Hen Project supports families to raise happy independent kids in some of the most poverty-stricken parts of the city; and Steve Thompson of Form the Future links pupils in schools with future work opportunities and increases #socialmobility.This is an eye-opening episode for very different reasons to normal, as it recognises the issues faced across the city, but then gives examples and solutions to start fixing the problem.Tune in and find out how you can make the ‘S’ of ESG really count.Produced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV.
  • 59. Reinventing the electric motor with Dominic Vergine, Monumo

    This episode we are joined by Dominic Vergine, CEO of Monumo who is now emerging from ‘stealth mode’ with a plan to reinvent the electric motor.The automotive market is challenged not to be the next Kodak, and the market is awash with new potential car manufacturers such as Apple, LG and Sony – all looking for something that will give an edge.And that’s where Monumo comes in.Based on experience gained from Arm, the plan is to have Monumo IP in every motor. To develop the technology, license it, and collect royalties –in Dominic’s own words, they’re selling the eggs, not the ‘golden goose’!Hear about Dominic’s career, the plans for Monumo, and how much ‘the network’ contributes to the success of a start-up.Produced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV.
  • 58. Doing business in China with Ting Zhang,

    With over two decades of helping businesses succeed in China, Ting Zhang, CEO of Crayfish talks to us about Chinese culture and the Chinese economy, how to approach doing business with China (including how to protect and commercialise IP), and how things have changed over the last 20 years.Many startups and scaleups are now much more aware of the opportunity of trading in China and the likes of Hermann Hauser urge businesses to consider leveraging the enormous market opportunity that China affords.Ting also shares her journey that led her to Cambridge, being a founder, and the growth of the Chinese community in Cambridge.Produced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV.
  • 57. Making the impossible possible with BeyondMath

    Alan Patterson and Darren Garvey take us on their journey to date - linking the appeal of small companies, their passion optimising and automating things, and their desire to show how tools fit together to solve bigger and bigger problems.With over half a dozen exits to the likes of Rolls Royce, Amazon, BT, Oracle, and Google they don’t believe in optimizing for an exit, but in building value and doing a good job.We look at the brief history of AI - #SymbolicAI #ConnectionistAI #MachineLearning #DeepLearning - it’s all #AI!We also talk similarities and differences between being a startup in the UK and the US – the short runway, the investment and VC culture, and the engineers.And of course, we talk about BeyondMath and how this innovative startup is transforming engineering design in key focussed industries using AI.Produced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV
  • 56. Innovate Cambridge - A new vision for Innovation

    To remain globally competitive, Cambridge needed to refocus its innovation aspirations over the next 10-15 years.Formed in 2022, Innovate Cambridge has been a collaborative approach that has brought together different actors and participants in Cambridge. Collectively they have developed a new agenda and in this episode Tabitha Goldstaub, Executive Director of Innovate Cambridge; and Diarmuid O'Brien, CEO of Cambridge Enterprise take us through the process, the plans, and the importance of translating the economic benefit of innovation with local community.More information and how to get involved can be found at www.innovatecambridge.comProduced by Carl Homer, Cambridge TV