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Cabin Country

Ep. 1: The Drive

ARE WE THERE YET?!” Escaping to the cabin for the weekend usually involves some drive time, which is fatiguing for adults and positively agonizing for the kids. Hit the road with Bjorn and Fud as they relive their early days of driving north into cabin country.

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  • Ep. 55: Bjorn & Fud's SpookFest 2023!

    Bjorn & Fud's favorite time of the year, the cooling temps, the falling leaves, and the telling of spooky tales set against the backdrop of Cabin Country!
  • Ep. 54: A Cold October Night

    A fireside chat with Bjorn and Fud on the season's last Gull River cabin trip as they procrastinate their annual Halloween spook fest just a little longer.
  • Ep. 53: The Return of the Schmidt Scenic Moment!

    Bjorn and Fud pull out the old box of Schmidt Scenic beer cans from the closet and gab about farming ancestors and unlikely places to find good fishing grubs. The Logbook of "Terrible" Tim Torgerson continues and the summer is brought to a close with shared memories of the Minnesota State Fair.
  • Ep. 52: A Midsummer Cabin Dream

    Bjorn shares a recurring time travel dream of visiting his parents cabin and we meet outdoor officer Torgerson's cousin Tim, another outdoor agent under the glow of St. Paul's #1 in a new segment called "The Notebook of Tim 'Terrible T' Torgerson."
  • Ep. 51: A Great Cuppa Joel!

    Legendary St. Paul guitarist Joel Shapira sits down with Bjorn & Fud to talk music, guitars and favorite fishing lures over an incomparable cup of coffee at JS Bean Factory in Highland Park. Outdoor agent "Torgy" Torgerson takes an interesting TRIP on his latest adventure in the field. You can Find the Music of Joel Shapira online, from his early punk Days with BOY ELROY-THIS IS NOT ART on YouTube to his long and prolific Jazz guitar career with vocalist CHARMIN MICHELLE on iTunes and Spotify. He also plays live frequently in the Twin Cities including acoustic bluegrass with his friend PETE HENNIG (TWIN TOWN STRINGS) at JS Bean Factory in St. Paul.
  • Ep. 50: Yeah, Yeah, Fine! with David Ebner

    Bjorn and Fud visit musician David Ebner of the St. Paul-based band Yeah Yeah Fine at his beautiful cabin on Lower Gull Lake. Fud looks back to 1989-90 when the Gull River cabin was built and his Super 8mm feature film The Wrong Door was made. Check out his new documentary on YouTube - "Men Make Movie, if Not Million$"
  • Ep. 49: A Few of Our Favorite Things

    Bjorn and Fud recall early holiday memories in Cabin Country and compare notes on Christmas traditions they love plus a few that they don't.
  • Ep. 48: "It Destroyed Our Live Box!"

    Brace yourselves for a bone-chilling Cabin Country ghost story or two, seasonal offerings from our "sponsors," and the return of outdoors agent "Torgy" Torgerson in a thrilling new caper - "Werebears in the Moonlight."
  • Ep. 47: The Book of SPAM!

    Love it or not, SPAM has been a world renowned canned food since its creation in 1937 by Hormel Foods in Austin Minnesota. The Book of SPAM Authors Dan Armstrong and Dustin Black share stories of their tireless digging through dusty archives and deep within their very souls to put together a hilarious collection of SPAM information in a colossal effort to bridge the gap between the SPAMs and the SPAM-nots.