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Cabin Country

Ep. 1: The Drive

ARE WE THERE YET?!” Escaping to the cabin for the weekend usually involves some drive time, which is fatiguing for adults and positively agonizing for the kids. Hit the road with Bjorn and Fud as they relive their early days of driving north into cabin country.

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  • Ep. 60: Decapitated Bear

    A fish we couldn't release, a bear loses it's head, and Grantsburg Mike's field report on 2024 award winning Northwoods delectables.
  • Ep. 59: What's For Breakfast?!

    Bjorn and Fud visit with "Al" at Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown, Minneapolis. Bjorn reads a couple of listener emails, Good Old Lloyd gives us the news from Cabin Country, and another vintage Schmidt Scenic beer can is pulled from Bjorn's coveted collection.
  • Ep. 58: Endless Autumn!

    You'll hear very few complaints from folks in Cabin Country about the unseasonably mild winter of 2023/24! Least of all Bjorn and Fud, who would gladly take an extra long autumn season to enjoy the fruits of Bjorn's favorite pastime; foraging!
  • 57. Ep. 57: Don't Try This At Home!

    Ever try to give a wild animal mouth to snoot resuscitation? Bjorn reads Fud an article from a Minneapolis newspaper about a brave (and perhaps foolish) man who revived a Pine Marten. Funny stories galore about skunks, weasels, opossums, squirrels and even lemurs!
  • Ep. 56: Good Little Elves

    This brown holiday season in Minnesota has Bjorn and Fud reminiscing about other brown things they've experienced. They pick a Schmidt Scenic and try to relate it to the holidays the best they can. More sponsors and a song by crooner Fud Mathis to brighten the Christmas season!
  • Ep. 55: Bjorn & Fud's SpookFest 2023!

    Bjorn & Fud's favorite time of the year, the cooling temps, the falling leaves, and the telling of spooky tales set against the backdrop of Cabin Country!
  • Ep. 54: A Cold October Night

    A fireside chat with Bjorn and Fud on the season's last Gull River cabin trip as they procrastinate their annual Halloween spook fest just a little longer.
  • Ep. 53: The Return of the Schmidt Scenic Moment!

    Bjorn and Fud pull out the old box of Schmidt Scenic beer cans from the closet and gab about farming ancestors and unlikely places to find good fishing grubs. The Logbook of "Terrible" Tim Torgerson continues and the summer is brought to a close with shared memories of the Minnesota State Fair.
  • Ep. 52: A Midsummer Cabin Dream

    Bjorn shares a recurring time travel dream of visiting his parents cabin and we meet outdoor officer Torgerson's cousin Tim, another outdoor agent under the glow of St. Paul's #1 in a new segment called "The Notebook of Tim 'Terrible T' Torgerson."