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CorkToday 23 February 2023

Adam Higgins Political Correspondent with the Irish Sun on the resignation of the leaders of the Social Democrats.

Bernard Moynihan joins us in the studio to discuss the planning problems in rural Ireland.

David Hall on response times for ambulances.

Carol Feller on a knitting initiative to support the declining numbers of Galway Sheep.

Kevin Flannery from the Dingle Aquarium has taken in a turtle that swam all the way from America

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  • CorkToday 3 October 2023

    Banning disposable vapes and introducing a vape tax are among the ideas being mooted, in an effort to crack down on the number of young people using the products The Cork T.D. calling for proper funding for Cork roads Insurance cost for bars
  • CorkToday 2 October 2023

    The Aisling Murphy murder trial starts this week, we speak with our reporter Andrew Louth.Can fitting a black box to your car reduce your insurance costs?Property prices have gone up in Cork CityAdvice from Citizens Information in Mallow.All your nutrition questions are answered by Anneliese Dressell.
  • Friday 29 September 2023

    The lack of Second Hand Electric Vehicles is the real barrier to why we don’t have more EV’s on our road, that’s according to a UCC Professor who will chat with Patricia  A report from a Traveller led human rights organisation – Travellers of North Cork shows schools still segregate pupils into Traveller Only classrooms, the author of this report joins Patricia We speak with the family denied social welfare support after their dad received a terminal cancer diagnosis  On the Ours to Protect Series we hear about a new climate action arts project responding to the ecological, cultural, industrial and historical heritage of Cork’s Glen River Park 
  • CorkToday 28 September 2023

    Discussing how children are losing sleep due to playing video and online games late into the night – Barnardo’s join Patricia on the issue which impacts on family and school life Following figures released from the CSO on how half of people aged between 18 and 24 have been sexually harassed – the Cork Sexual Violence Centre join us  Popular hotelier and TV Presenter Francis Brennan chats to Patricia on his latest book “Age is just a Number”  Our Garda File Pet advice with Jane