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#51 Mike’s Place Review

While recently up in Brisbane, we were lucky enough to hit up Mike’s Place, The Best Darn Swingers Club in Brisvegas, with the beautiful L0l0 Lady and The Ginger Tramp.  It ended up being a wonderful evening at a pretty … Continued

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242 - The (R)Evolutionary Man

This week we start with a deep dive into Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, all drugs for helping with erectile dysfunction.After, we are lucky enough to interview Nic Tovey, author of The (R)Evolutionary Man. This amazing new book teaches all of us about what it means to be a man."Become your own unique version of an awesome man, free from the old bullshit ideas of what that means.“Man up”, “be a man”, “grow a pair” we’ve heard it all a million times, and we’ve probably said it too, but what does it mean? What is it to “be a man”? This is a question men have been pondering for eons, and in the process, have been setting up some imaginary, barely achievable bar that we’ve been measuring ourselves up against, and failing.What it means to be a man today is a very different thing than it was for our fathers, and especially for their fathers. We are living in a monumental chapter in the human evolutionary story, where the realms of gender, sexuality, and relationships are in a state of massive reinvention. Many of us are waking up to a new way of being, sensing that there's more to life as a man, free from the old and outdated cage of manhood. But there are few examples of how to do what the world today is calling for and we are left trying to work it out for ourselves.This has been a question that Nic Tovey has been deeply pondering since boyhood, chasing the elusive “manhood” in all the obvious places; sports, gangs, and the military, and coming up short. Until after a life-threatening assault and subsequent battle with PTSD and depression, when the man he thought he was fell apart. Nic was faced with a choice; die or rebuild himself from the ground up. This book is an expedition through Nic’s story and the discoveries he made on his journey of reinvention to becoming the man he is today.Nic went on to become a psychotherapist and coach helping other men become their own versions of great men. With powerful and practical wisdom, this book guides you through Nic’s vision of modern manhood - The (R)Evolutionary Man." ~Summary from Amazon.comFind out more here.As always, thank you for listening.Find us on social media!!!On Twitter@BytheBiPodcastOn Facebook@BytheBiPodcastOn Instagram@BytheBiPodcastOr email ushereWant to help us out? Sure you do!!!Help us out on PatreonhereFind sexy couples in your area on the best damn open lifestyle community in the USA:AltPlaygroundWanna get your own prize from Geeky Sex Toys? Head overhere!Please help out, and donate to Bi+ Visibility by clicking the linkhere!Leave some feedback for us on whatever medium you listen to your podcasts on.