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BYO Chair Podcast feat Alex handley EP 3

Season 1, Ep. 3

I sat down with Alex Handley to hear all about his shoulder/arm injury which was a result of a ski racing crash.

This petrol head has the never quit attitude and has moved from behind the boat to the driver seat, i really enjoyed hearing stories of this very generous young mans life and how his injury is the best thing to happen to him.

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    When someone hurts them self or under goes a serious surgery we always ask how they are but rarely how their partner is who gives them their primary care.In this episode we chat to someone on the other side of a spinal cord injury. Lauren gives us the down low on what it takes to be the wife of a man with a spinal cord injury. having a back ground in nursing and midwifery caring for her partner Sam (featured in episode 1) comes easy but throw a company and some young children things do get tricky and sometimes frustrating, Lauren highlights how even when things are hard she will always take the extra weight of the work load to make life easier for her husband.please pay closer attention in this episode as it gives us a new insight to what sci trouble go on behind closed doors. don’t forget to like subscribe and share the BYO Chair Podcast on all social platforms.Instagram: @byo.chair.podcast YouTube: you to our friendly sponsors 3099 jerky Www.3099jerky.comvalley meal prepwww.valley meal
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    if you’ve ever had to undergo surgery I’m sure you would have dreaded the thought of it going wrong!In this episode i chat to a man in his 50’s who has actually experienced that. He tells us about how a day surgery turned into a 3 month stay in hospital.Chris was a very active man who now struggles with day to day tasks due to damage to his spinal cord. He is a hard worker and a coffee lover. He is the owner of Griffith bros coffee and i do a honest taste test in the show.Please follow us at @byo.chair.podcastalso like share and subscribe.a big thank you to our sponsors -3099 jerky @3099jerky-valley meal prep @valleymealprep-cam print @camprintscreenprinting
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    In this episode i sit down with Stacey Norbury, Stacey gives us the tell all tale that has been her life. She dives deep into the world of using pain medication for recreation purposes and playing around with other drugs.she also shares stories of her love life and “coming out” as someone who dates both men and woman. We talk about the black Saturday bush fires that almost clean swept the country town she lived in.if this episode has bought on any thoughts to use or experiment with drugs please do not and seek help from a health care professional.