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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Should I Ghost My Tinder Date?

Ep. 45
For But Am I WrongMelisa: Not speaking to have the check came (Note: LA restaurants don't split checks)Meghan: If something is cheap, someone is paying for itIn But Am You Wrong they if listeners were wrong in the following situations:Exes mom wanting her son to visit your dogSomeone thinking they/them pronouns are disrespectfulTinder date giving you the ickFiance that doesn't follow through with surprisesAnd in But Are They Wrong AKA "Rachel of The Week" they nominate, Melisa nominates: Dr. Oz and the puppies, alleged racist church climber, Lance Wallnau and his anointed cakes, Racist Sheriff Jody Greene, alleged nose biter Doug RamseyMeghan nominate: Cheaters Adam Levine and Ned Fulmer, wannabe gay icon Lena Dunham, Dahmer Doc Fans, LAPDWrite In: butamiwrongpod@gmail.comWeigh In: Vote in the weekly poll on Instagram Our Merch: Our Patreon: to Don't Blame Me: Us: Meghan: Melisa: