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Pivot Or Die, The Innovator’s Mantra

“The thought was less ‘world domination’ and more, ‘Let’s put a little color here or there,’” reveals Ihor Lys, our guest this week on Business Outlaws. Lys started out pursuing a career in tech, but he was soon forced to pivot in a new career direction — and at the time, hardly anyone was looking at light-emitting diodes, let alone LEDs. “You don’t really notice lighting, but it makes all the difference in a space,” he explains.

So, what did Ihor do next? He went full-bore at tackling some of the most complex issues facing the LED industry. In doing so, he discovered how to become a successful entrepreneur and change the world through his technology.

Ihor joins us this week on Business Outlaws to share how he found himself at the forefront of innovation in a complex field. We also heard about a new grow-light technology he invented, so of course we had to see this thing in action.

Not only did Ihor bring his light with him, he completely floored us with how powerful it is. Let’s just say our sunglasses were useless.

Tune in this week and make sure you catch the full video on to see Ihor’s bleeding-edge LED technology for yourself — plus, learn how to make a successful pivot to innovation.

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