Business on the Bright Side


1: 3 Steps to Pursue Your Business Ideas

Do you have a business idea you’ve been sitting on, but want to explore? In this very first episode of Business on the Bright Side, I’m discussing three steps you should take right now to pursue your idea! Listen in as I share how I approached launching Headbands of Hope in college, even before I knew anything about business. Let’s launch your idea!

3 Steps to Pursue Your Business Ideas: (3:24)

  1. Write it down. (3:25)
  2. Create a special todo list. (4:22)
  3. Build a ladder (8:08)

Creating your special to-do list: (4:22)

  • Drawn a line down the center of a page.
  • On the left side, write down each of the small, manageable tasks.
  • On the right side, write down the big tasks that you’re not sure how to do.
  • Forget about the right column for now. Start with the small tasks and then work your way up to the big ones. 

Building a ladder (8:08)

  • On your same piece of paper, draw a ladder.
  • In the first step of that ladder, it will be version one of your idea.
  • In version one, what is the smallest thing you can do to bring your idea into existence and test it.
  • Add your version 2, 3, + ideas on the ladder as well.
  • Include indicators of what will allow you to move onto the next step.

The Episode’s One Liner: (10:41)

Don’t worry about winning the Super Bowl, just get the first down.

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