Business of Betting with Jason Trost


E182 - Lloyd Danzig from Sharp Alpha Advisors

Season 1, Ep. 182

In this episode of the Business of betting Pod, Jason is joined by Lloyd Danzig, Managing Partner at Sharp Alpha Advisors. In this episode Lloyd shares his views on the future of the sports betting and competitive gaming industry, the adaptation of the exchange model in the US, and his hopes for a next gen ‘smart’ world.


02:40 The many hats of Lloyd Danzig: Venture Capitalist investing in the next generation of sports betting and real money gaming platforms.


04:55 The rise of ‘Competitive Entertainment’: The future of winning or outcome based betting products.


08:16 Picks ‘n’ Shovels vs Operator approach: B2B businesses vs B2C operators.


10:53 Evolution of the Exchanges in the US: The maturing of the sports betting market in the US – Limit Book Orders vs Fixed Odds model & high volume, lower margin bets vs high odds parlays.


15:18 Market Cap for Exchanges in the US: Can the US market expect to match or better the UK’s Exchange market share of 10-15%?


21:45 Will sportsbook operators evolve into Exchanges?: Could the compression of margins from competitors force sportsbooks to adopt the exchange model? Could a sportsbook add a matching engine under the hood?


31:09 Sportsbook wagering limits: The ethical argument on limiting winners.


34:01 The future of the industry: Smart betting through personalised betting recommendations. 

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