Business of Betting with Jason Trost


E181 - David Purdum from ESPN

Season 1, Ep. 181

In this episode of the Business of betting Pod, Jason is joined by David Purdum, Gambling reporter for ESPN. In this episode, Purdum who’s been writing on the industry since 2008 goes back on his career, and shares his opinion with Jason on legalization, Sportsbooks in the US and other aspects of the industry. 


01:30 How did he get in the Industry: Starting in Atlanta, writing stories about the business, landing at ESPN

06:24 The road towards the federal legislation: The PASPA journey from 2008, David’s opinionThe wire act and federalisation of Sports betting, the barrier to entry 

11:50 The evolution of Sports betting in the US: Media companies, Leagues's position, the new betting habits with younger generations, prop bets, Fantasy sports 

17:46 The future of betting: Bringing the exchange model in the US, Ethic and limits

20:15 The bookmaker perspective: limiting winners, transaction fees, getting in the industry, market entry and new players: Sporttrade, prophets, Fanatics

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