Business of Betting with Jason Trost


E180 - Jed Corenthal from Phenix RTS

Season 1, Ep. 180

In this episode of the Business of betting, Jason is joined by Jed Corenthal, Chief Marketing Officer at Phenix Real Time Solution. Phenix is a B2B real-time video streaming solutions provider.

The pair discussed the space Phenix operates in and how it's impacting the evolution of Sportsbooks.

01:35 Introduction - Started in sports, went through entrepreneurship and ended up in OTT at Phenix. What is phenix, what does real time streaming mean

04:08 The Secret Sauce: Using content owners, streaming, data providers, Sportsbook integration, distribution system etc. …

08:28 Competitive landscape: Growth in the space, being leader in the market

10:41 The future of Sports data: real time data and micro betting, moving from a bet & watch to watch & bet model, Sportsbook streaming in the UK vs US

15:30 OTT providers v Sportsbook stream: latency, HTTP live streaming, rights distribution, the impact on betting habits, partnerships

24:11 Conclusion on US legislation

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