Business is Good


Business is Good - with Paul Hargreaves

Season 1, Ep. 7
Paul Hargreaves is one of the leading voices in the UK encouraging and inspiring businesses to move away from simply being about making money to becoming a force for good.Many businesses are realising that to prosper and survive in the 21stcentury they need to not just look at the financial bottom line of profit, but people and planet too, and in so doing make the world a better place.Within his own business, and through speaking to other business leaders, Paul inspires personal change, his 4thbottom line, to facilitate a change that the world so badly needs.Twenty years ago, Paul foundedCotswold Fayre, a speciality food wholesaler, from his house in inner-city London whilst also engaging in charitable work within his community trying to change lives for the better.The company grew rapidly to become the leading wholesaler in the speciality food sector and now supplies around 1,500 retailers within the UK and Ireland from its base in the Thames Valley.The tremendous success of the company has been down to creating a great place to work and one that focusses on changing the world for better, through its carbon reduction, community focus, only selling quality food products and working with a poor rural community in Africa.Since 2015 Cotswold Fayre has been certified as a B Corporation.B Corps are companies that meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance and Paul is an ambassador for the movement within the UK.