Business Eye

If you're interested in making your business more profitable!!

Business Eye, The show for service-based professionals and entrepreneurs.

This business podcast has a mix of interviews based on liquidity, solvency, stability and profitability.

Please join – Joe Dalton ( client acquisition) and Simon Haigh (business growth), two great expert entrepreneurs who share their years of knowledge, experience and wisdom with you.

If you are a service-based professional, and you are looking to grow, pivot, or upscale there is no better place to tune in and listen to some inspiring interviews.

In a world where growth mindsets, conscious business, resilience, clarity of thought, and awareness are ever more important for sustainable growth, we focus on the topics that really matter. We talk with inspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, coaches, consultants and other visionaries who have a story to tell and a message that will help you in the area of liquidity, solvency, stability, and profitability

Tune in to "Business Eye" at 1PM every Friday on Dublin South FM withJoe Dalton and co-host Simon Haigh

Joseph Dalton

Joe helps consultants and advisers who are struggling with business growth by assisting them in gaining clarity thus allowing them to attract the right type of clients and drive sales he's helping people to transform their approach to life and business in such a unique and powerful way. Joe has developed a powerful and compelling system that will allow you to be the person you want to become. #BreakthroughBrands #ConsciousnessBusinessAcademy

Simon Haigh

Simon’s experience has shaped his expertise, which is centered on Helping Organisations Grow through Growing their Leaders. Simon has a diverse 25 year international experience over three continents, five countries, a number of industries and roles including C-Suite legal, deal making, strategic, organizational transformation. Simon is an, author, entrepreneur, director, consultant, Marshall Goldsmith certified coach, keynote speaker, mentor, trained mediator and adjunct unit lead and lecturer in Dealmaking at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland