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WTF! Investor Nisa Amoils On Women Tech Founders in Frontier Technology

For the past decade Nisa Amoils has been investing in frontier technologies. What the heck is that? Frontier technology is the cutting edge, emerging disruptive innovation that is transforming our lives (i.e. blockchain, crypto currency, AI, virtual reality, drones). Nisa is the author of the best selling book “WTF Is Happening? Women Tech Founders On The Rise” which features profiles of a dozen female founders in frontier technology whose remarkable companies are making a difference. One WTF example Nisa shares with us in this Business Builders Show episode is Carrie Shaw founder of Embodied Labs, a wellness company leveraging virtual reality in immersive health education. In our conversation Nisa enlightens us on blockchain, busts the myth on the credentials needed to start (or invest in) frontier technology (what’s needed is intense curiosity, not a computer science degree), and why focusing on the ‘so what’ of technology is essential. For the entrepreneurs Nisa interacts with, the passion to build companies is personal  - which is why she is determined to reallocate capital to them and shine a bright light on their stories - and yes, their stories are ones you want to hear.


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