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"Workplace Design And Expectations Of Today's Talent: Part 2"

From natural light to trash cans! In this second interview with Stefanie Spurlin, Vice President of Workplace Solutions at Capital One, we dive deeper into the findings of the 2019 Work Environment Survey exploring the importance of natural light (as guess what! natural light is the most requested design element by employees and connections to nature in the workplace can improve employee well-being), how mental health and well-being has risen to top of workplace survey plus other top office perks. The information may just surprise you. In this episode you’ll also learn why Stefanie’s team at Capital One took away individual trash cans – initially as a tactic to support and centralize the company’s recycling efforts, but there were other unintended positive benefits to the disruption of individual employee trash habits too! Finally we close out the conversation with Stefanie’s recommendations on the workplace perks you should have in place to retain talent.


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