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The Leader Launchpad with Howard M. Shore

Our guest today on the Business Builders Show is Howard M. Shore, founder and CEO of Activate Group, Inc. ( Howard is also a bestselling author and today we will be discussing his latest book The Leader Launchpad: Five Steps to Fuel Your Business and Lift Your Profits.

Howard's opening line in our conversation "I know that every leader and every company has the ability to generate more revenue and profits." WOW! As a business owner or business leader that should get your attention! Some items we cover are:

  • Replacing poor performing managers.
  • How important it is to fill vacant positions in your company.
  • Differentiate PROPERLY
  • Establish a long-term plan. (Even during a pandemic)
  • How critical it is for everyone to know their numbers.

Find more about Howard and his company at You can also find him on Linkedin

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