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The Best Leaders Choose Love Not Fear

I first heard of Gary Heil and Ryan Heil PhD, through a Washington Speakers Bureau program called "Leadership Lessons from the Fast Lane". Gary is the host of several programs there and I was impressed with Gary's interview skills. Here is a link to one of those interviews Gary did:

I also learned that along with Ryan, Gary had written a book CHOOSE LOVE Not Fear: How The Best Leaders Build Cultures of Engagement and Innovation That Unleash Human Potential. I bought and read the book, and now they are on the Business Builders Show. I highly recommend the book. .

Few discussion points from our conversation:

  • Tell me more about Alan Mullaly's "Love em' up before you coach em' up".
  • Should we become less tolerant of bad leaders?
  • "Smart" goals may not be that smart.
  • Performance vs Potential

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