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Taking Risks To Build A Bigger Business With Ginny Gilder

Ginny Gilder, co-owner of the Seattle Storm is back as a guest on the Business Builders Show to discuss the WNBA’s new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and the business lessons are bigger than women in sports. Hear from Ginny why business owners need to invest in the future based on aspirational goals (rather than staying focused on past financial performance), why ditching the traditional “us versus them” negotiation stance is good for business and why you should go all in whether you’ll immediately benefit for the outcome or not (Ginny uses the brilliant example of Sue Bird, a 39 year-old professional athlete who will never benefit from the league’s new CBA, yet she was all-in during negotiations). Take risks and build your business by building a bigger pie, with the inspiration and insights in our conversation with Ginny. 

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