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Self-Directed Empowerment With Jennifer Iannolo

At the peak of her dream career, Jennifer Iannolo was chasing after truffle dogs in Italy as a digital pioneer and co-creator of the first food podcast network – then 25 years into her entrepreneurial adventures, boom, she has to completely reinvent her work and life because suddenly, her body was intolerant of major food groups (like bread, cheese, garlic and wine). Today, Jennifer is the founder and CEO of IMPERIA, an innovation incubator focused on women creating social impact projects around the globe. In this Business Builders Show interview, Jennifer shares the “what would mom do” philosophy that snapped her out of her funk, the questions she asked herself that led to creating IMPERIA as well as her Self-Directed Empowerment methodology. Jennifer recently published “No One Is Coming: An Empowerment Manifesto” (a precursor to a book due out in 2020) – and she shares with us why should couldn’t wait to two years get her ideas out in the world (perhaps an idea for listeners of this show who are aspiring authors). You’ll think about empowerment differently, shift the lens on your own situation and so much more after this conversation with serial entrepreneur, Jennifer Iannolo.


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