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I hope this is the first podcast you listen to in 2021. Although the lessons in this interview and book by Jen Wirtz apply at every point in our lives, I found incredible value in thinking of it as a way to start a new year. Learn more about Jen at

Listen for what experiences brought Jen to write this wonderful book. Also listen for some comments from Jen that might surprise you: "I truly believe that growth does not sprout from mistakes." Other thoughts I found very interesting were her thoughts on the value of all the self-help books we read and is meditation really that important in "Recalibrating" your life?

I'm confident you will find this interview valuable. To purchase the book,

So, here's to a great 2021 and beyond for all of us. Yes, we need to do the work, however I'm confident we can do better and be happier in the coming year. My best to you!

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