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Quest for Bottom Line Was Hard!

I was anxious to talk to Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi about what happened at The Grommet, a company they founded together about 12 years ago. They are no longer there. What happened?

A company that was formed to be a platform for the "little guys." For the "Makers", folks who had a dream, started small by making and selling products to friends and family and then needed help to grow into a real business. Jules and Joanne share with us their journey from the beginning to their departure from the company. "Building a business over 12 years is HARD! An unhappy investor complicates things even more. It was actually becoming unhealthy." If you want to grow your business and are considering taking on an investor, this is a must listen to interview. 

Some brands that we all recognize were launched during Jules and Joanne's tenure at The Grommet: Bombas Socks, Fit Bit, Goldie Blox, Love Pop, Otter Box, Soda Stream - impressive lineup!

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