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"Out-Innovate" with Alexandre Lazarow

I first heard of Alex Lazarow and his book in the July-August 2020 edition of Entrepreneur Magazine. Jason Feifer, Editor In Chief of the magazine interviewed Alex. I was impressed with Alex and his book Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs from Delhi to Detroit Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley. In the book you'll learn that for decades, the hot center for startups has been Silicon Valley. This is changing fast. Thanks to technology, startups are taking root everywhere in the world!

In our Business Builders Show interview, Alex and I talk about the "10 Elements of Frontier Innovators". You'll learn what Alex means by "Frontier Innovators" and although we don't cover all the elements, you will be totally engaged with his message. Let more about Alex at You can also find him on Linkedin

I HIGHLY recommend this book for any business person, anywhere in the world! Start with this interview, buy the book and start connecting with Alex via his newsletters and on Linkedin.

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