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Local Elected Officials, Opportunity Zones and More with Paige Gebhardt Cognetti

This one is different! I get a little closer to politics than usual in this interview with Paige Gebhardt Cognetti. Understand, I don't take any positions, my discussion with Paige was focused on how important our city councils, school boards, etc, are in how a community thrives or survives. You can connect with Paige on Linkedin,

The Business Builders Show is all about entrepreneurship and building businesses. This discussion with Paige addresses these issues head on with recent news stories and information that affects all of us in business. Our show is distributed by

Paige Gebhardt Cognetti is a Special Assistant to the Pennsylvania Auditor General. She previously served as a director on the Scranton, PA School Board. Paige holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Oregon Honors College. 

We hope this discussion helps us (business people) understand the importance of being involved in our local governmental agencies.

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