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Inside McDonald's Sustainability Journey with Bob Langert

Bob Langert led McDonald's Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability efforts for more than 25years before retiring in 2015. Under his leadership, the Golden Arches took on the chain's very vocal critics who were taking the company to task over issues like packaging, waste, recycling, obesity, deforestation, and animal welfare. Get some key insights in this Business Builders Show interview BEFORE you read the book: The Battle To Do Good: Inside McDonald's Sustainability Journey.

Learn how Bob and his team went on the offense, instead of being on defense about the claims from critics. How did they go about this important mission? Learn why on the side of the Filet-O-Fish container is says " The Bering Sea sends its regards: wild caught Alaskan pollock." Along side of that message it has"Certified Sustainable Seafood". 

You just might see McDonald's in a different way after you see it through Bob Langert's eyes. Learn more about Bob and his work at

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