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Business Case for Regenerative Agriculture

Jeff Tkach, the Chief Impact Officer for the Rodale Institute joins me on the Business Builders Show to discuss a topic that I know needs much more attention from all of us. The facts point to an urgent need for us to change the way we provide healthy food for ourselves and for our entire planet. Farmers play a critical role, however, we as consumers play an even more vital role. We DECIDE what products we want to bring into our households and communities. We as consumers demand what our farmers and the entire supply chain will deliver to our grocery store shelves.

Learn more on Rodale's website rodale You can financially support their work via their website.

There's nothing more powerful than a clear business case to get our attention. Jeff and Rodale Institute make a clear and compelling case. HOWEVER, I have an even more compelling case to support the work Jeff and his team are doing at - my children and grandchildren. 

Please listen to this interview carefully. YOU, as business people and community leaders can change the world. If we take steps NOW, we can look back at this time as an important part of our legacy. You can connect with Jeff on Linkedin

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