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Building Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Detroit: April Boyle, Founder, Build Institute

April Boyle is the founder of Build Institute – a venture she launched just as Detroit was embarking on the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. A native of Detroit, April is a serial, creative entrepreneur who has always focused on community and grassroots businesses. Build Institute’s mission in 2012, as today, is to ensure that Detroit’s economic transformation is inclusive. 1700 people (mostly women and people of color) have started over 500 businesses thanks to Build Institute’s core programming. In this Business Builders Show conversation, April shares how a strong ground game (from posting flyers to mentoring sessions held in local libraries and coffee shops) has activated a strong, supportive local community. We also talk about alternative funding sources for micro-enterprises and main street businesses including Kiva loans, the Detroit Soup micro-lending dinners and CDFI investment. From structural barriers to entrepreneurship to rethinking traditional capital along with simple, creative solutions to support local businesses, you won’t want to miss the episode of the Business Builders Show, which is distributed by



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