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Building a Life, Not Just a Business with Ian Sanders

Creative consultant, coach and storyteller Ian Sanders is on a mission to shake up the world. Ian sparks change in organizations by helping individuals within the organization share their personal stories. He’s led storytelling workshops for the BBC, Microsoft, Thomas Cook Money, Diageo and Tektronix (to name a few) as well as igniting personal journeys through his Fuel Safari coaching sessions. The author of four books, Ian has been working as an independent since he chucked his managing director role in 1999. In this Business Builders Show interview, Ian shares what he’s learned after 20 years of going it on his own, his “good times” experiment and why storytelling is important for collaboration in the workplace and team cohesiveness.

Listen carefully as Ian shares an incredible entrepreneurial insight on why he’s building a business of one, rather than focusing his success metric on scaling.

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