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Brand Strategist Lindsay Pedersen

"This brand-strategy-as-North Star was my most essential tool for growing a thriving business." More on thoughts like this and many other insights from my interview with Lindsay Pedersen, author of  Forging an Iron Clad Brand: A Leaders's Guide.  First question I asked was "Why is this a LEADERS guide?"

Lindsay is a brand strategist and leadership coach who views brand as a blend of science, intuition, behavioral economics, and ancient storytelling. Lindsay Pedersen developed the Ironclad Method, while building brands with companies such as Starbucks, Clorox, Zulily, T-Mobile and several start-ups. 

I learned so much from this interview. I also read the book and I have it all marked up with things highlighted and notes in the margins.

Learn more about Lindsay's work at You can also find her on Twitter and Linkedin.

I have already invited Lindsay back for another interview. Is there something you want us to cover in the next interview?

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