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"A Future so Bright by Kate O'Neill"

Kate O'Neill helps leaders create meaningful human experiences in a tech-driven world and take responsibility for the future we all share. She is founder and CEO of KO Insights, a strategic advisory firm providing big-picture thinking on how business, humanity, and technology interact at scale, and committed to improving human experience amid exponential change. 

In this interview with Kate about her book A Future so Bright, we learn about "Strategic Optimism", how we can use Artificial Intelligence for good, how cities can help us get ready to lead, and how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals connect with Kate's work.

I'm so honored to offer you the opportunity to learn from Kate. Take advantage of this opportunity by sharing this interview with your friends and business colleagues. And, be sure to check out Kate's website,, so we can all agree with Kate about A Future so Bright: How Strategic Optimism and Meaningful Innovation Can Restore Humanity and Save The World.

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