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It’s Simple, I Want to Help Leg Up Farm

A few weeks ago my producer Tom Jenkins told me about Louis Castriota, Jr. Tom sat in on an interview Louie had done for a different show. He said that we MUST have Louie, founder and CEO of Leg Up Farm in Mt. Wolf, PA. on the Business Builders Show. As usual Tom was right! Louie talks about his 13-year journey to transform the lives of thousands of children. Leg Up Farm serves more than a thousand families, providing children with special needs a comprehensive range of services UNDER ONE ROOF. What a compelling story! Louie thinks BIG and he has the courage to dream. I am asking you to be a part of his dream. Go to and learn more. Then donate if you can. AND, if you are connected to a large company like Home Depot, please connect with Louie to see how you can expand the dream of Leg Up Farm across the country! Don’t dismiss this as just a feel good story – there are profound business lessons to be learned from Louis Castriota and his journey at Leg Up Farm. Information, Inspiration and dreaming BIG, all in one show! Please join us! And share this information with your friends and colleagues.

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