The Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff


“Balanced Scorecard” With Palladium Group CEO John McClellan

If you recognize the phrase “Balanced Scorecard”, you will really enjoy our discussion with John McClellan. If you are not familiar with that phrase or how this approach can help you build your business, even more important for you to tune in. John McClellan oversees Palladium Group’s global strategy and operations. He was a Managing Director in the portfolio operations group at Thomas H. Lee Partners, President and CEO of Sprague Energy Corporation and Mr. McClellan began his strategy consulting career at Monitor Group. John shares some great insights with us. In addition to a very solid guest we go deep, talking about THINKING and ACTING with more depth than maybe some of us are used to in our busy, busy lives. Got you thinking about….thinking? Business Builders Show is all about informing, educating and encouraging entrepreneurs and small business owners. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to attend what would be a great business class at any university in the country.

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