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Privacy Advocate, Internet Expert, Entrepreneur Mark Weinstein Joins Us

Buckle up for this show. Our guest Mark Weinstein holds nothing back in his view on privacy and what role companies like Facebook and Google are playing in our privacy. Mark knows what he is talking about! Mark founded SuperFamily and SuperFriends (both became PC Magazine “Top 100 sites), which were the precursors to today’s social networks. He is one of the world’s foremost privacy advocates. Mark is presently the Founder and CEO of We bookend Mark’s interview with the promises and the perils of managing Gen Y and ways to infuse meaning into your second act. From Gen Y to Boomer discussion in ONE SHOW! Business Builders Show is all about informing, educating and encouraging entrepreneurs and small business owners. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to attend what would be a great business class at any university in the country.

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