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Are You Suffering From Social Media Overload? Relax, here's Corey Perlman

His great book "Social Media Overload! Simple Social Media Strategies For Overwhelmed and Time-Deprived Businesses" is available on My guest Corey Perlman makes the statement "If you're not generating results from your social media marketing, then it's just a hobby". Corey's social media agency, eboot Camp, manages the social media marketing for over 40 brands. Learn from Corey in this fun and informative interview. Buy his book and get focused rather than being overwhelmed by social media. Love to hear from you! Marty Wolff 570 815 1626 PS: If your company needs a "Clarity Check" to be sure you are on the right track, let me know. We have a simple and inexpensive process that can confirm or question your existing strategy.

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