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Engineers, Scientists, Products Developers: Insights from Dana A. Oliver

This is show # 3 in a series we are doing with Dana A. Oliver. We are covering information from his book "Mantra Design Innovate, Buy, or Die: Discover the Secrets for Profitable and Lasting Innovation." Tremendous insights for entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and product developers. We cover: 1. Organic Research and Development gives you the best return. 2. Stay close to customers by asking them for feedback on your product or service every step of the way. You may find unmet needs and they will support your development. 3. Perfect - if there is such as thing, comes after many iterations. It takes time to make your product or service appear simple to your customer. 4. Get feedback from "Average Joe's" not only the so-called experts. 5. Know or learn your "business sliver" and pursue that! 6. Analyze - but don't OVER due it! Get the product out to market. Faster is better than perfect. Learn more about Dana and his work at Connect with me at Need promotional materials or uniforms? Give the Business Builders Show supporter Kevins Worldwide the business! You can reach them at Until next time - which will be interview # 4 with Dana Oliver. Be special!

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