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Voice of Customer

In this # 4 of 9 interviews I am doing with Dana A. Oliver he tells me "I'm shocked at the number of companies who have the engineers and product developers create a product and do not do thorough testing with customers or potential customers." Prototyping is critical in the release of a new product. It is also important when planning to relase a new service. TEST customer's reactions to the product or service. Make adjusts in the "feasibility" stage not after releasing. Dana calls this "Build to Learn" Commonsense is not always common practice! Dana's book is "Mantra Design Innovate, Buy, Or Die - Discover the Secrets for Profitable and Lasting Innovation" This series from Dana A Oliver can save you thousands, maybe millions of dollars! Dana was the Senior Director of Research & Development at Medtronic's Surgical Technologies ENT / NT division. and helped them grow that business unit from $100m to $2billion is over fourteen years. My special thanks to the folks at They are one of America's largest providers of promotional products and uniforms. The Business Builders Show could not deliver this powerful information without their support. Love to hear your comments. Call or text me at 570 815 1626.

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